Technical Sheet

The vertical lifting machine provides automatic loading of secondary production line machine like rolling machine, drilling machine, punching machine, optical sorting machines and any other machine that requires continuous loading.

Thanks to its ability to work unattended, it allows large quantities of materials to be loaded avoiding the continual presence of an operator. Designed to satisfy the needs to automate and speed up the production processes on small parts, it reduces the need to stop machines continually and pays particular attention to a series of problems related to contamination caused by residual pieces from previous batches and avoidance of magnetization during handling.

It is easily accessible and allows rapid inspection and cleaning; further more, thanks to its structural design it can easly be moved from one machine to another.
Model A - height B - Base C - Width D - Projection     
Model 800x800 2775 1180 800 210
Model 800x1200 2775 1180 1200 210