sollevatore verticale
sollevatore verticale
sollevatore verticale

Technical Sheet

We have produced a system that allows a kind of automation, that was previously impossible and problematic: the transportatlon of pieces from a punching to their relevant containers, avoiding magnetization during handling.

This system avoids contanimation among the different sizes produced, since the route of the punched products remain visible and easy to clean. Its dimensions can exceed 2.50 m in length and up to 2.10 m in height and make this linear conveyor a real step forward in the field of transportation of metal small parts.

Together with a vertical lifting device, it reduces the space normally required by a common belt conveyor.
Model A - Length      B - Minimum Height      C - Width     
Short Linear Base 1350 180 245
Medium Linear Base       1850 180 245
Long Linear Base       2350 180 245